New-Mom Must Haves Before Receiving a Newborn
The early days of a newborn brings confusion, anxiety and tiredness to most inexperienced parents and caregivers. I am a mother of two bouncing sons, and had to go through hoops to handle my babies and more so in the absence of their father who had to do odd shifts in the time of their delivery. I therefore wish to offer advice to mothers as they prepare to welcome their new bundle of joy. Preparation entails two aspects namely: Preparing the environment for the newborn and obtaining all the required items for the baby.

Preparing the environment.

First ensure you can get someone to be with you the first few days as some of the tasks you easily perform can be very difficult after delivery. If this is impossible ensure all things are within reach, you don’t want to be climbing chairs when in pain.

Ensure the house is clean, and if you have visitors asking how they can assist, request them to do the house chores for you. They should cook enough food to last you some days and any other family member present.

Complete other regular chores like, regular dental checkups, paying bills and waste disposable before. These were really difficult to do with a baby in tow.

Finally make aware other family members of the expected newborn and request them to assist where necessary. You will be amazed what siblings can do to cater for their sister/brother.

Preparing the list of requirements and obtaining them.

I prepared a list of items required by a new born. Here is a list of ‘must haves’ for a new born.


* 5-10 Onesies/bodysuits.

* 3 Sweaters.

* 5-10 socks or booties.

* 2 blankets for winter.

* 3 hats for summer and 3 hats or beanies that cover the ears for winter.


* Crib or a bassinet.

* A firm and flat mattress fitting in the crib.

* Baby monitor

* Nightlight.

* Dresser


* 3 Washable crib mattress pads.

* 3 fitted crib sheets.

* 3 light receiving blankets.

* 2 heavier blankets for winter


* Changing table.

* 1 large box of disposable new born size diapers( avoid buying so many since you don’t know the size of your baby)

* Diaper pail and liners.

* Diaper bag unscented baby wipes.


* Baby bathtub.

* Baby soap.

* 3 soft towels.

* Soft washcloths

* Gentle laundry detergent.


* 15 bottles and nipples.

* Pump( learn how to use before)

* Milk storage bags.

* Nursing pads.

* Nipple cream.

* Nursing pillow.

* Dishwasher basket for small items.

* 6 bibs.

* 4 pacifiers

* Formula (if not nursing).


* Infant or convertible car seat.

* Stroller/infant carrier.

* Baby swing or bouncer.

In conclusion it takes nine months to prepare the baby inside to be ready to face the outside world, equally more time should be spent preparing the outside. Some of the above listed items needs to acquired, cleaned/sterilized and mounted in their respective places before the expected date of delivery. I hope you will be ready before your little munchkin comes knocking.
June 15, 2018 by Stephanie @Boubala

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