The Dilemma of Boys Clothing: How to Find Great Baby Boy Clothes

The Dilemma of Boys Clothing: How to Find Great Baby Boy Clothes

Here’s the problem: boys’ clothes don’t last very long.

I know a lot of people like to say things like, “You get what you pay for.” Boys are tough on their clothes. They go outside, tumble around, and become grass stain generators.

Even if you’ve got a newborn baby boy at home, you need durable clothing options. Tummy time puts more stress on newborn baby clothes than many might realize. If you have a little one like me who absolutely hates this part of the day, you might find yourself going through a few outfits per month.

That’s why baby boy clothes are a practical gift that will always be appreciated. To maximize the value of that gift, here are some specific quality issues to look for while you shop.


How to Find the Best Baby Boy Outfits

#1. Shop for fabrics over style.

For daily wear, polyester and cotton are your best options. They are still comfortable to wear, have good durability, and you can run them through the wash easily enough. For little boys who need something tougher for play time, shop for corduroy.

#2. Be practical.

Cute baby clothes make for a great gift. Those clothes aren’t going to stay cute for long with boys. I like to have two sets of clothes available. One set is for going out, like dress clothes. The other set is for general play and home use.

#3. Ask about sizing.

Kids grow like weeds. The size on the label is a general guideline. If you’re attending a baby shower, think about buying larger sizes since most people tend to shop for newborn items. 


Clothing always makes a great gift for little ones. Whether you are shopping for baby gear or cute kids’ clothes, use these ideas to make sure the clothes you buy can handle the rough and tumble world of boys.

June 20, 2018 by Stephanie @Boubala

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