Smart Bluetooth Tracker, Easily Find Wallet, Keys & Pets



Have you ever lost your keys, wallet or purse and just couldn't remember where you left them?

Do you have a tendency to forget where you parked?

Take no more chances! With this innovative Bluetooth Tracker Locator.

Alerts sent directly to you Smartphone. Our device will show you the last location of your item via Google Maps. While giving you signal strength guiding you to your lost item.

Inversely, it can help you locate your lost phone. Clicking on the bluetooth Tracker button will sound an alarm on your smartphone.

It can also be used to make voice recordings and as a shutter button for your smartphones camera for amazing self portraits. 

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad Mini, iTouch 5, iPad 3/4, iPad Air and Andriod system with Bluetooth, 4.0 Smartphone Andriod 4.3 version and up-grade version.

Working distance: About 75 Feet (without barrier)

Suitable for: Wallet, Car, Kid, Pets, Bags, Suitcase or other belongings.

Battery Needed: CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery

Available colors: Black/White/Green/Blue/Pink

Certificates: CE/ROHS/EPL

App Name: iTracing (Free of charge) on App Store and Google Play

Connects up to 10 iTag units

App language: English, Chinese, French, Spanish

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